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In the era of higher wages and employment costs, join us for a live workshop:


Unlock Success with the 5 Principles to Lower Employment Costs and Boost Employee Value

Unlock Success with the 5 Principles to

Lower Employment Costs and Boost Employee Value

Learn from the success story of the Cleburne Chamber of Commerce, which used these 5 Principles to save 53% on employee benefit costs without compromising quality.

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Small and mid-size employers face an uphill battle when competing for talent against well-known national brands like Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart distribution centers, Buc-ee’s, etc.

A recent survey among members of the local Chamber of Commerce highlighted the primary challenge of finding qualified individuals genuinely motivated to work and contribute beyond just seeking a paycheck. This is closely followed by the struggle with managing unreasonable expectations related to pay and scheduling among qualified candidates.”

As small and mid-size employers, we understand the challenges you’re facing with rising wage inflation, employee benefits, and administrative costs. Our workshop is specifically designed to address these issues, unveiling five fundamental principles that national brands use to create value and control employment costs. These principles are easily applicable to your company, helping you achieve similar objectives and stay competitive in the talent market.

Imagine the possibilities for your company as you discover the journey the Cleburne Chamber of Commerce has taken since 2020. They harnessed these principles to offer a comprehensive range of employee healthcare benefits, achieving a remarkable 53% cost savings compared to traditional approaches. The best part? They did it all without compromising quality, delivering enhanced value to their employees. This could be your success story, too.


Meet Bob Grizzle

Bob Grizzle brings over thirty years of experience as a seasoned business specialist, driven by a passion for empowering business owners and stakeholders. His expertise focuses on enhancing operational efficiencies and optimizing human capital management strategies. Bob’s extensive client base, ranging from non-profit organizations to diverse for-profit companies such as manufacturing, contractors, and service providers, benefits greatly from his innovative insights and solutions, which have consistently proven to be effective and forward-thinking.

As the founder and principal of Envision Resource Group, Bob leads a dedicated team that provides businesses with comprehensive solutions for managing the entire employee life cycle. Before this, he spent 16 years as the founder and principal of a third-party administration (TPA) firm, where he collaborated with employers to streamline health, profit-sharing, and 401(k) plans, achieving remarkable efficiencies and lowering costs for businesses.

Bob Grizzle, a resident of Cleburne, TX, is not just a business specialist but also involved in the community. He and his wife, Glo, participate actively in community and church activities. Their involvement spans organizations like the Chamber of Commerce, Habitat for Humanity ReStore, the Cleburne Christian Business Club, the International Order of Kings Sons and Daughters, and the annual Christian Leadership Prayer Breakfast. This commitment to local initiatives and causes close to their hearts is a testament to their dedication to making a meaningful contribution to their community. They worship and serve at Field Street Baptist Church, inspiring others to participate and make a difference.



In this workshop,
you will learn...

• Uncover the principles giving national brands a competitive edge and learn actionable strategies to level the playing field for your business.

• Witness real-world success: Since 2020, the Cleburne Chamber of Commerce has transformed its employment practices using these strategies, resulting in streamlined administration, reduced costs, and exceptional value in employee benefits, saving 53% compared to traditional methods.

• Gain insights: Over the past four years, the Chamber saved an average of $18,086 per employee in healthcare benefits alone, and family healthcare costs were slashed by over $46,000 per employee enrolled in family coverage during the same period.

• Improve employee well-being: Beyond cost savings, employees at the Cleburne Chamber of Commerce now enjoy benefits such as low copays, minimal out-of-pocket expenses, and a robust healthcare support system, illustrating how these strategies can enhance your employees’ overall health and satisfaction.”


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